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Updated July 13, 2024 - 12:59 AM EDT
Netanyahu Wants To Keep Gaza-Egypt Border
  Israeli Weapons Packed With Shrapnel Devastate Children in Gaza
  Gaza Father Wouldn't Let Boy Go After He Was Killed
  Secret US Special Forces Flights to Israel From UK Base on Cyprus
Russia Vows Response to US Missiles in Germany
  New Weapons Package for Ukraine After Biden-Zelensky Meeting
Top US Envoy in Taiwan Vows Strong Military Support
  Japan-Philippines Deal Could Spell Trouble in South China Sea
Hungary Won't Support NATO Becoming 'Anti-China' Bloc
  NATO Strengthens Ties With Asian Partners, Angering Beijing
Visualizing How Israel Keeps Stealing Palestinian Land
item NATO's Endgame Appears To Be Nuclear War  by Chris Wright
item Free and Independent:
The Foreign Policy of Washington and Jefferson
 by Michael Boldin
item The Folly of Empire and the Albatross of Debt  by David Stockman
item Stop Listening to David Petraeus  by Gregory Daddis

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Hundreds of Scientists Urge Biden To Cancel $100 Billion Nukes Boondoggle
Aid Workers 'Cannot Access' Areas of War-Hit Sudan: Red Cross
Israeli Snipers Accused of Attacking Fleeing Civilians in Gaza
Russian Diplomat Says Moscow Won't Attend a Second Ukraine Peace Summit
Ukraine's Ex Army Chief Zaluzhnyi Starts as Ambassador to UK
Ukraine, Romania Sign Security Agreement
Ukraine Seizes Cargo Ship Carrying Grain for Russia
Norway to Give Ukraine $93 Million to Boost Air Defenses, PM Says
At NATO Summit, Allies Delicately Lend Biden a Hand
How Much Is Each NATO Country Spending on Its Military in 2024?
Four European Nations Agree To Jointly Develop Long-Range Cruise Missiles
Israel Lobby Funded Half of Keir Starmer's Cabinet
Kenya President Dismisses Most of Cabinet Following Anti-Government Protests
Mali Junta Re-Authorizes Political Activities Suspended in April
UN Envoy for Sudan Hosts Talks on Issues of Aid, Protection of Civilians in War-Torn Country
South Korea To Deploy Laser Weapons To Shoot Down North's Drones
Japanese F-15s To Be Equipped With Joint Air-To-Surface Standoff Missiles
The War at Home
Air Force Engineer Charged With Cover Up in Marine KC-130 Crash That Killed 16
Pentagon Expects F-35 Deliveries to Restart This Month
Female Combat Vets and Wives of Vets Face More Chronic Pain
Pentagon Orders More Howitzer, Ammo Support Vehicles for Army
Israel to Ukraine to Bulgaria: Which Countries Receive US Military Aid?
One-Third of US Military Could Be Robotic, Milley Predicts
Canada Unveils for First Time Target Date for NATO Defense Spending Goal
Canada To Build 12 Arctic-Capable Submarines
Gaza City's Shujaiya 'in Ruins' After Latest Israeli Operation
Pope Francis Decries Israeli Bombing of Gaza Catholic School
Desperate for Food, Gazans Turn to Mulberry Leaves To Survive
Dozens of Int'l News Groups Urge Israel To Allow Gaza Access
Hamas Says Mediators Have Not Yet Provided Updates on Gaza Ceasefire Talks
Gaza Talks Making Some Progress but Differences Remain, Egyptian Sources Say
Hamas Dismisses Reports That Breakthrough Is Imminent in Ceasefire Talks
Spanish PM Denounces NATO 'Double Standards' on Gaza
Israel Has Turbocharged West Bank Housing Demolitions Under the Cover of War
Palestinian Teen Killed as Israel Raids Intensify in West Bank
Palestinians Say Microsoft Unfairly Closing Their Accounts
He's Waging 'Lawfare' Against Israel's Critics – and Pocketing a Lot of Money
Top New York City Law Firm To Deny Employment Over Pro-Palestine Protests
Netanyahu Should Be Investigated for Oct. 7 Failure, His Defense Minister Says
'Do Not Show Up at Recruitment Offices': Haredi Rabbi Responds to Gallant's Draft Goal
Israeli Prison Guard Killed at Home in Occupied West Bank
'Israel in Collapse': 46,000 Businesses Forced To Close Since October 7
Erdogan Says Biden, US Complicit in Israeli War Crimes
US Imposes Sanctions on Far-Right Israeli Group Over West Bank Violence
466 Killed, 1,438 Injured in Israeli Attacks in Lebanon
Israeli Seriously Injured in Drone Attack From Lebanon
Middle East

Jordan Behind Attempted Sabotage of China-Hosted Palestinian Talks

Oil Tanker Held by Iran for Over a Year Heads Reaches International Waters, Tracking Data Shows

IED Explosion Injures Russian Soldier in Syria

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