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Updated October 4, 2023 - 8:07 PM EDT
Britain Has Run Out of Arms to Give Ukraine
  US Is Running Out of Money to Pay Ukrainian Govt Salaries
  Biden Tells Allied Leaders 'Ukraine Aid Cannot Be Interrupted'
  Qatar Offers to Host Russia and Ukraine for Talks
Taiwan Tells US to Speed Up Arms Deliveries
  US, Philippines Begin Annual Naval Drills Amid China Tensions
House Ousts McCarthy as Speaker
Two Syrian Soldiers Wounded by Israeli Airstrikes
Saudi Arabia Punishes Tweets With the Death Penalty
UN Security Council Authorizes Sending Force to Haiti
item Someone Wants 'The War to Continue'  by Ted Snider
item Flooding in Libya Has Killed Thousands. NATO Is Directly Culpable.  by Branko Marcetic
item Artificial Intelligence Goes to War  by William D. Hartung
item World War III Requires Conscription  by Zachary Yost

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Russia Says 335,000 Sign Up to Fight, No Plans for Mobilization
Hacker Group of 'Furries' Claims Leak of 3,000 NATO Files
Israeli Forces Open Fire in West Bank School During Raid
EU Set to Announce Ukraine Accession Talks by December
Australian Company Supplies 3D Printers to Ukraine Frontlines
Ukraine Says Chinese Oil and Gas Firms Sponsoring Russia's War
US Army Veteran Volunteering in Ukraine Reportedly Killed in Raid
A Deal to Expedite Grain Exports Has Been Reached Between Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania
Red Cross Combs Streets of 'Deserted' Karabakh Capital for Stranded Residents
Azerbaijan Arrests Several Former Top Separatist Leaders of Nagorno-Karabakh
Armenia To Join International Criminal Court; 'Wrong' Decision, Says Russia
France Agrees on Future Contracts With Armenia to Deliver Military Aid
United Kingdom
Britain's Sunak to Promise 'Fundamental Change' to Party Faithful
UK Minister Says 'Zero' Chance of Free Trade Deal With Biden
Director of the Cage Advocacy Group Accuses France After Being Refused Entry to Poland
France to Host Pacific Defense Ministers in New Caledonia 'Hub' Meeting
Serbian Authorities Detain the Alleged Organizer Behind a Recent Shootout With Kosovo Police
Belarus Begins Army Combat Readiness Exercises
Town's Revolt Reveals Larger German Concerns About Arming Ukraine
It's Time Europe Reduced Its Defense Reliance on the US, Czech President Says
Moldova Clears Way for Members of Banned Pro-Russia Party to Run in Elections
EU Readies Payout to Hungary to Avoid Ukraine Aid Blockade
Advocates Implore Congress to Remain Focused on Aiding Afghan Allies
Taliban Foreign Minister Leads Delegation to China to Attend Trans-Himalaya Forum
India Tells Canada to Remove 41 of Its 62 Diplomats in the Country, an Official Says
Timeline: Fraying India-Canada Relations Over Sikh Separatist's Killing

China's Consul General in New York Pitches a Positive Economic Outlook

What Is Panda Diplomacy, and Why Are the Bears Going Back to China?
China, the US and the Dangers of a War of Words Over National Decline
Pakistan Orders Illegal Immigrants, Including 1.73 Million Afghans, To Leave
Activists Say Indonesian State Weapons Makers Supplying Myanmar
Maldives President-Elect Says He's Committed to Removing the Indian Military From Archipelago

Taiwan Submarine Bidder Leaked Info to China: Program Lead

Bangkok: Two Killed in a Shooting at a Major Shopping Mall
Palestinians Pay the Price During Jewish Holiday Season
Israel Blocked UK Foreign Secretary From Visiting Palestinian Village Terrorized by Settlers
Israeli Herders Spread Across West Bank, Displacing Palestinians
Israeli Settlers Storm Al-Aqsa, March Through Palestinian Neighborhoods
Israeli Normalization Is a Losing Bet, Says Iran's Khamenei

Lifting US Sanctions on Syria Can Save Lebanon: Hezbollah Chief

Hezbollah Chief Threatens to Allow Syrians to Travel to EU
Turkey Detains 90 People Over Suspected PKK Links After Ankara Bomb Attack
What's Turkey's Troubled History With the PKK?
Middle East
Yemen Economy Tanks as Talks Fail to Restore Truce: NGOs
Oil Tensions Mount as Iraq Contradicts Turkey's Export Claims
US Launched Two Raids Against ISIS Within a Week
Biden Thanks Qatar's Emir for Rare Iran-US Prisoner Swap Deal
Dozens Seized After Anti-Sisi Protests in Marsa Matrouh
Egypt's President El-Sissi Confirms He Will Run for a New Term in Upcoming Presidential Elections
The UN Food Agency Says That 1-In-5 Children Who Arrive in South Sudan From Sudan Are Malnourished
EU Agrees Sanctions Framework for Key Actors in Sudan War
DR Congo Military Court Convicts Colonel and Three Soldiers in Connection With Killings of Protesters
EU Pledges Delayed $680 Million Aid Package for Ethiopia
Mali in Meltdown as Militants Advance and UN Withdraws
Niger Declares Mourning After Dozens of Soldiers Killed in Attack Near Mali
Tunisia Rejects European Funds and Says They Fall Short of a Deal for Migration and Financial Aid
The War at Home
Two Soldiers Killed, Another 12 Injured in Alaska Vehicle Crash
US Army Wants One-Third of Its Recruits to Be College Grads
McCarthy Holds Press Conference After Saying He Won't Run for Speaker

Pentagon Official Charged With Running Dog Fighting Ring From His Home

US Navy Seeks Tech Innovation With 'Disruptive Capabilities Office' Launch
Is There a Link Between Traumatic Brain Injuries and Veteran Suicide?
Pentagon Releases Strategy to Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction
Kenya President Promises Different 'Footprint' in Haiti Mission
Americas Rights Court Condemns Violence Against Haiti Journalists
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