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Updated March 29, 2023 - 12:18 PM EDT
Senate Rejects Special Watchdog for Ukraine
  UN Security Council Won't Probe Nord Stream Bombing
  US To Withhold Nuclear Weapons Data From Russia
Ukraine Troops Seen With Depleted Uranium Ammo
  Zelensky to Clear Out Orthodox Monastery With Police
Rep. Gaetz Introduces Bill To Pull Out of Somalia
Bill Gives Govt Sweeping Powers to Crackdown on Tech
China Willing to Sign Southeast Asian Nuke-Free Treaty
Deputy FMs of Syria and Turkey To Meet in Moscow
item Iraq, Afghanistan, and Now Ukraine: Reductio Ab Absurdum  by Ronald Enzweiler
item US Is the Leader Because It Says So  by Caitlin Johnstone
item Vladimir Putin vs. the International Criminal Court  by Ted Snider
item Memories From Baghdad  by Peter Van Buren

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Polls Show Netanyahu's Coalition Losing Majority
Bad Faith UN Report on Nicaragua Whitewashes Violent US-Backed Coup
Look to Sun Yat-Sen, Former Taiwan President Urges on Landmark China Trip
Tension Rises in West Bank as Israeli Forces Launch Arrest Campaign
Israeli Settlers Set Up Illegal Outpost in Occupied Jordan Valley
Palestinian Man Succumbs to Wounds Sustained by Israeli Army Gunfire Last Month
Netanyahu Hits Back After Biden Expresses Alarm Over Judicial Overhaul
Netanyahu Says He's Delaying Overhaul to Allow Dialogue, but Vows Reform Will Happen
Israeli Raids on Al-Aqsa Mosque Persist Through Ramadan
Israeli Protesters Attack Palestinians During Pro-Government Rallies
Settler Attack Palestinians in Huwara Amid Israeli Army Presence
Israel Protesters Vow to Continue Until Judicial 'Reform' Gone
Israeli PM Promises Extremist Security Minister His Own Private Militia
Palestinians 'Indifferent' to Israel's Months-Long Crisis
Killer Drones: Turkey's Growing Defense Industry Is Boosting Its Global Clout
PKK Extends Unilateral Ceasefire to Include Turkish Elections Period
Middle East
Iran to Invite Saudi King to Tehran as Raisi Invited to Riyadh
Iraq Is Not Really a Winner in the Turkey Oil Arbitration Case
House GOP To Subpoena Blinken Over Afghanistan Dissent Cable
Afghan Orphaned Toddler Maryam Finally Reunited With Family
Taliban 'Set Conditions' to Reopen Primary Schools for Girls
US Has Provided About $1.5 Billion to Afghanistan So Far: US Official
Restrictions on Women Will Delay Kabul's Intl Relations: US State Dept
Pakistan Excuses Itself From Attending US Democracy Summit
Pakistan PM Urges Parliament to Act Against Ex-Premier Khan
Indonesia's Stance on Israel Overshadows World Soccer Event
Indonesian Security Forces Attack West Papuan Rebels Holding New Zealand Pilot
North Korea
Kim Calls for Ramping Up North Korea's 'Weapon-Grade Nuclear Material'

North Korea to Restart Diplomatic Activity After 3 Years of Covid Isolation

Myanmar Military Dissolves Aung San Suu Kyi's NLD Party
Taiwan President Tsai's Controversial Trip to Central America
Ukrainian President Extends Tour of War's Front-Line Areas
US Army Eyes Six-Fold Production Boost of 155mm Shells Used in Ukraine
Polish, Romanian PMs Ask EU for Mechanism to Trace Ukraine Grain Exports
UN Nuclear Boss Seeks Breakthrough to Protect Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia Plant
Zelensky Accuses Russia of 'Radiation Blackmail' at Zaporizhzhia
Bad Weather Forces Electricity Shutdowns in Eight Ukrainian Regions
US Has Not Seen Signs Russia Is Closer To Using Tactical Nuclear Weapons: White House
Russia Convicts Father of Teen Who Drew Antiwar Picture
Russia Says It Intercepted US-Supplied GLSDB Smart Bomb in Ukraine for First Time
Uncrewed Russian Spacecraft That Leaked Coolant Lands Safely
Russia Says Oil Sales to India Soared 22-Fold Last Year
Russia-Ukraine War Exposed Human Rights 'Double Standards': Amnesty International
Russia Says Fired Anti-Ship Missiles at Mock Target in Sea of Japan
Belarus to Face More Sanctions Over Nuclear Arms Plan, Poland Says
Bomb Threats Close Dozens of Bulgaria Schools for 2nd Consecutive Day
Protests Rage in France for a 10th Day, as Macron Remains Defiant
Montenegro's President: EU's Neglect Gave Russia a Platform
Arctic Council Under Pressure as Norway Readies for Russian Handoff
Northern Ireland's Orange Order Says New Brexit Deal Needs Improvement
UK Labour Bars Ex-Leader Corbyn From Standing as Its Candidate at Next Election
UN Hears Africa, Its Sahel Region, Are New Terrorism Targets
A Dozen Villagers Hacked to Death in West DR Congo
Ethiopia's PM Announces Outreach to Outlawed Rebel Group in Oromia
Religious, Rights Groups Call for Calm in Kenya's Second Week of Protests
UN Investigation Says EU 'Aided' Crimes Against Humanity in Libya
The War at Home
GOP Wants Answers After IRS Agent Allegedly Shows Up at Matt Taibbi's House
Vibrations Caused Another
F-35 Engine to Fail Before Texas Mishap

ARRW Hypersonic Missile Test Failed, US Air Force Admits

US Could Carry Out Its First Military Execution in Over 60 Years
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