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Updated December 11, 2023 - 5:41 PM EST
Netanyahu Thanks US for Veto of Gaza Ceasefire
  Inside the Israeli Plan That Propped Up Hamas
  Biden Bypasses Congress to Get More Tank Shells to Israel
  Palestinians Forced Into 'Safe Zone' Face Nightmare Situation
Israel Says It's Ready To Act Against Houthis
  US Embassy in Baghdad Comes Under Mortar Fire
  Thousands of Israeli Soldiers Wounded in Gaza Fighting
  Civilians Make Up 61% of Gaza Deaths From Airstrikes
Zelensky to Visit DC to Push for More Ukraine Aid
  Ukraine Cracks Down on Draft-Dodging, Struggles to Find Troops
China, Philippines Trade Accusation Over Collision
item Gaza and Ukraine: How the US Risks Losing the Global South  by Ted Snider
item Israel's 43-Minute Hamas Atrocity Video Exposed  by William Van Wagenen
item Yes, There Are Innocent Palestinians  by Trenton Hale
item Give Peace a Chance
 by Kym Robinson

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Spain Expels Two US Spies for Infiltrating Secret Service
Compensation for Victims of US Nuke Tests Stripped From NDAA
Deputy Jerusalem Mayor Wants Captured Palestinians To Be 'Buried Alive'
Orban Calls Ukraine 'One of the Most Corrupt Countries in the World'
Ukraine's First Lady: Without More Aid the World 'Will Simply Let Us Die'
Ukrainian Troops Train in Poland for Harsh Winter Warfare
Ukraine Moves First Lorries to Poland by Rail Through Blocked Border
Ukraine Strikes Deal to Get Two Royal Navy Minehunters From UK
Ukraine's Parliament Approves Minorities Bill, Seen as Key for EU Talks
Russia Launches New Winter Missile Barrage at Kyiv
One Killed in Russian Drone Attack on Ukraine's Kherson Region
United Kingdom
Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf Says UK 'Complicit' in Killing Gaza Children
A British Palestinian Surgeon Who Spent Weeks in Gaza Gave Testimony to UK War Crimes Unit
MP Chairing Committee on Policing of Palestine Demos Wanted Protesters Arrested
EU to Allow Members to Ban Russian Pipeline Gas
EU Must Accept There Won't Be a United Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot Leader Says
Armenia and Azerbaijan Announce Deal to Exchange POWs and Work Toward Peace Treaty
Belarus, Equatorial Guinea Sign Pacts and Minsk Seeks Allies
Bulgarian Parliament Again Approves Additional Military Aid to Ukraine
Germany Cuts Funding for Anti-Trafficking Program After Chair Calls for Gaza Ceasefire
Italy Quits Belt and Road Plan as Europe Rethinks China Relations
Chinese Methane-Powered Rocket Launches Satellites Into Orbit
Xinjiang: US Adds More Chinese Officials and Companies to Sanctions List

Papua New Guinea PM Says No Talks With China on Security

Indian Navy's MiG-29 Jets Get Israeli Rampage Missiles
Tensions Rise as Two More Boats With Over 300 Rohingya Land in Indonesia
Japan PM to Replace Four Ministers Over Fundraising Scandal
S. Korea's Defense Chief Vows Retaliatory Strikes on 'Heart and Head' of North Korea if Provoked
Attack on Red Cross Convoy in Sudan Kills at Least Two, Injures Seven
War-Torn Sudan Faces 'Catastrophe' as UN Funds Run Short
African Mediators Claim Progress in Efforts to End Sudan War
Rebels in DR Congo Take Key Outpost in East as Peacekeepers Withdraw and Fighting Intensifies
Egypt Warns Israel of Ties 'Rupture' if Gazans Flee to Sinai
Libyan Militias 'Making a Killing' Off Kidnapping Refugees for Ransom
Tunisia: Political Dissidents on Hunger Strike for Gaza
The War at Home
War for Profit: Implications of the Growing Private Security Industry
US Plans 3-Million-Barrel Purchase of Crude Oil for Strategic Reserve
Defense Bill Calls for Outside Scrutiny of Marines' Modernization Plan
Families of Marines Lost in Osprey Crash Seek Answers, Action
New ICBM Will Take US Nuclear Missiles Out of Cold War-Era
Drug Lords Go on Killing Spree to Hunt Down Corrupt Police Officers in Mexico's Tijuana
At Least 11 Dead After Clash Between Gang and Villagers in Central Mexico
Leaders of Venezuela and Guyana to Meet Amid Border Dispute
UN to Hold Emergency Meeting at Guyana's Request on Venezuelan Claim to a Vast Oil-Rich Region
Nearly 300 Killed in Gaza in 24 Hours as Hamas, Netanyahu Trade Threats
Photos: Israel Bombs Gaza Areas It Declared Safe Zones for Palestinians
Palestinian Families Kept Apart by Israeli 'Rules' Mourn Loved Ones in Gaza
Israel Kills 300 in 24 Hours, Death Toll Rises to 18,000 in Gaza
Israel Cannot Carry Out 'Collective Punishment' of People in Gaza: Russia's Lavrov
Jordan's Foreign Minister Says Israel Aiming 'To Empty Gaza of Its People'
Pictures: 'A Hand Here, a Head There': Israeli Warplanes Kill Dozens in Central Gaza
Gaza Is Most Dangerous Place for Women Right Now: ActionAid
Photos: Palestinians Displaced to South Gaza's Overcrowded Areas Living on Streets
Critics of Israel's Gaza Mass Killings Face 'Unprecedented' UN Policing at COP28
'if I Must Die, Let It Bring Hope': Palestinian Scholar Killed by Israel Remembered
People Trapped at Northern Gaza Hospital Face Starvation Amid Israeli Siege
Fighting Intensifies Across Gaza as Tensions on Lebanon Border Rise
Gaza Doctor Abducted From Al-Shifa Feared Tortured by Israel
WHO Urges Immediate Aid for Gaza
Israeli Army Impatient With Netanyahu's Vague Gaza War Goals
The Companies Profiting From Israel's 2023 Attack on Gaza
UNRWA Says 133 of Its Employees Killed in Gaza
Israel Increases Strikes in Gaza Amid Fears of Total Societal Collapse
Israelis on Edge as Fears Grow of Wider Lebanon Conflict
US Diplomat Who Resigned Cites 'Double Standard' in Israel's Treatment Compared to Ukraine
Analysis: as Israel Escalates Gaza War, Its 'Kill-Rate' Claims Don't Add Up
Biden Seeks to Dismiss Lawsuit That Says He Is Failing to Prevent Genocide of Palestinians

Families of Palestinians Stripped and Detained Recall 'Humiliating' Israeli Arrests

Meet the Palestinian Teens Held and Abused in Israeli Prisons
Two Teenagers Killed, 15 Detained in Israeli Raids in Occupied West Bank
Palestinian Woman 'Older Than Israel' Killed by Israel
Israeli Hostage 'Killed in Crossfire' in Army Rescue Attempt
Israel: Journalist Killed in Lebanon Was in 'Active Combat Zone'
Inside the Pro-Israel Information War
Israeli Soldiers Wounded in Hezbollah Drone Attack
Netanyahu Speaks to Putin, Voices Disapproval of Iran Ties
UNRWA Chief Says Dehumanization of Palestinians Enable Israeli Attacks
Autopsy Finds Bullet in Body of Civilian Shot by Israeli Reservist, Proving Police Wrong
Palestinians Call for Global Strike on Monday to Demand Immediate Ceasefire
French Frigate Shoots Down Drones Over Red Sea: Military
Yemen Prevents 'Israel'-Bound Ships From Passing Via Arabian, Red Seas
France's Arms Sales to Armenia Are a 'Provocation', Says Turkey's Erdogan
Turkey Says Canada, US Linking Drone-Camera Exports to Sweden NATO Membership
Middle East
Most US-Based Middle East Scholars Self-Censoring Speech Critical of Israel, Survey Finds
Syria Shoots Down Israeli Missiles Fired Near Damascus
Latin America
US Offers Argentina's Milei Support on IMF, Lithium: White House Adviser
Cuba Thwarts Terrorist Plot by S. Florida Man Who Arrived by Jetski
UN Raises Alarm on Attempts to Annul Guatemala's General Election Results
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